"The beauty before the burst is quite spectacular." - Beach Sloth

"What follows? Well, I think I said "ballsy whimsy" but I also said that doesn't do it justice. Just trust me - not only does the story go to some seriously fun and crazy places, it actually has a zig-zag at the end you likely won't see coming, but you'll smile about it after because, despite the ballsy whimsy ride, who doesn't love feeling that "Aww!" settle in the tummy?" - Nathan Burgoine, Red Room (unfortunately, Nathan's site has disappeared. But this really happened, I swear!)

 "I thought it might be valuable to hear the voice of this 23 year old, for two reasons:  it’s interesting to hear how art and activism overlap; and because change is always most effective when it comes not from my older generation, but from young people like Wyl." - Philip Hartigan, Hyperallergic

"His collections of vignettes are entertaining, though at the same time reveal his need or want to move on in the midst of his reluctance to give up the excitement of the job. A lot of the legwork to draw in the metaphors is already done just from the imagery of biking, but it is how Villacres ties it in that makes it worth the read." - Kirsten McIlvenna, NewPages

"Bottom of the Ninth is a good, fun read on the whole." - Chris Schahfer, CCLaP

"Wyl Villacres actually took a picture from the stage of the audience watching him just before he began, and the move had bravado, swagger and an endearing quality, just like his writing." - Susan Ricker